Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sand Art Fascism

Durban beach sand art bulldozed
“Durban Metro Police have removed dozens of unlicensed sand sculptors from the beachfront today ... the move is part of ongoing efforts to ensure that only traders with permits are allowed on the beach-front ... Those wishing to make sand sculptures are required to pay a monthly permit fee
So you now need a "permit" to create sand sculptures on Durban's public beaches (presumably if you expect someone might tip you), and poor people trying to earn a living are having their livelihoods bulldozed by the government. Meanwhile, taxpayers foot the bill for expending police resources on this, instead of on real crime.

It should seem like common sense to say, but provided you aren't interfering with anyone else, you should have a natural right to create a sand sculpture on a public beach. And if a passerby wants to give you a bit of spare change, that too is his/her natural right - neither party should have to ask anyone's "permission", and there is no justification for a third party to impose force.

Thursday, October 24, 2013