Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Miscellaneous (Trafficking; Mars One; DA; Motorcyclists)


• How not to talk about human trafficking »
Sex Slave Story Revealed to be Fabricated »
Campaigners too readily accept inflated figures for trafficked women
Figures behind child prostitutes overinflated?
Falsely inflated statistics about sex trafficking in the U.S. make bad policy and laws
Inquiry fails to find single trafficker who forced anybody into prostitution

• I'm not sure it's possible to convey with words just how bad this article manages to be in five short paragraphs: Murder hits more black homes [News24] »

• Video of motorist punching cyclist » - I suspect this assault is a consequence of the rising "hurr hurr I hate cyclists!!1!1 derp" mentality that seems to be spreading virally lately. In some sense, are cyclists the 'new Jews'? It's almost as if humans can't help but collectively select some group of people to dehumanize and target ... whether it's "witches", black people, peaceful drug users - the 'blind hatred machine' seems to be turning on cyclists and motorcyclists. It's still illegal to assault cyclists and motorcyclists, so if you do happen to have a primitive, irrational hatred of people who use two-wheeled vehicles, I suggest you either check it at the door or get help for your anger and hate issues before you end up in prison for assault or homicide.

• DA + Ramphele Announcement: I doubt this will change the next election results much, but is kind of interesting in that maaybe in the longer term it might help foster slightly more 'post-racial' politics in SA (if that's even possible).

• Mars One: The Mars One project gets a surprising amount of flak for a project that's feasible on all levels.

• Manhunt launched after student killed, mother robbed "They saw a white Opel Astra vehicle that had followed them and stopped behind them in the driveway ... [the driver] tried to get away but ... the other vehicle blocked them in"
Two small points:
- If you suspect someone's following you, drive to the police station, DO NOT pull in to your driveway. (If you aren't sure if someone's following you, you could also try drive around the block a few times ... if they're still behind you, they're following you.)
- Try make it a habit to, IF possible, always stop your car in such a way that you have some space to pull off if attacked (e.g. don't pull right up to your driveway gate if you can leave some space between the car and the gate)