Saturday, August 17, 2013

Man Walks Naked, zomg!1!, news at 11

[Posting in a colloquial tone for a change] - I think something is deeply wrong with a society in which it actually makes the news if a man walks naked next to a road [link]. Yawn.

And you'd think the commenters on the article had never seen a naked person before.

I don't think even Victorian society was this repressed.

Get over it people, the naked body is natural, mundane even - the only thing that should be cause for concern is the fact that he was doing it in this cold, rainy weather. Perhaps we should hire people to walk naked along the road daily, until everybody just collectively gets over it for once and for all. I think if you can't handle seeing a naked body, you need help.

(That's not to say I think nudity should be considered acceptable everywhere, on the contrary ... but that's a topic for another day.)

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