Friday, March 1, 2013

Why you should not let Google host jQuery for you

[Website developers] In response to this:

- You expose your own website users to potential tracking by a third party (and for no real reason). This is unprofessional, and ridiculous if you really think about it for a while.

- You make it harder for users or admins to apply meaningful per-site white-listing or blacklisting policies (e.g. NoScript users effectively can't white-list your site)

If you use jQuery, just download it and copy it to your site.

The software industry has slowly been morphing from "Hey, let's make software users want to use because they find it useful", to "Hey, let's turn the Internet into a big spying machine that tracks what users do". I think to some extent, that business model is based on a certain level of deceit, in that it requires the majority of users to remain ignorant of the extent to which they are tracked across so many websites.

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